What we offer:

• Gifted Testing
• Psychoeducational Evaluation
• Psychological Testing
• ADHD Assessment
• Autism Evaluation
• Neuropsychological Assessment

Why testing may be considered:

• To clarify whether academic struggles may be due to a learning disorder
• To clarify a diagnosis
• To identify the causes of behavioral, emotional, or academic changes
• To understand the cause of deficits in attention and concentration
• To assess eligibility for particular school programs such as gifted or special education placement
• To help identify best learning styles and guide academic interventions and school accommodations
• To qualify for extended time on standardized testing
• To detect developmental delays and needs for remediation

What to expect:

First, an initial consultation will take place in our office to determine what type of testing will be necessary. After the initial consultation, there may be multiple sessions scheduled to complete necessary testing. Once testing is completed, a final session will be scheduled to provide comprehensive feedback and recommendations.

For an evaluation, domains that are typically assessed include general intellectual functioning, academic achievement, learning and memory, executive functioning, visual spatial skills, and social and emotional functioning. Because we tailor evaluations to the individual needs of you or your child, the process will differ in the types of tests administered and the amount of time required for the evaluation.